What does it take for a couple to stay connected?

Couples Connection

Three elements of a couple’s connection: Feelings, Thoughts, and Senses.

Focusing on each of the three connecting element strengthens the entire relationship.

A partner’s emotional feelings are key to a successful relationship. Enforcing the feeling of security is a cornerstone in a couple’s connection. Everyone’s emotional needs vary from one person to the next and pampering those nuances builds on the overall state of happiness.

Happiness is a state of mind. That is why it is so important to understand the needs of others. By fulfillment of those needs is where happiness grows. It isn’t simply a matter of material and nutritional needs, it’s emotional desires and wishes. Your partnership can’t be successful without happiness of the pair.

The senses are empowered by the thoughts, that is why they say that the brain is the biggest sex organ. The senses acknowledges what the brain enjoys. A touch that sends one person through the roof can make another person cringe and this is all determined by the state of mind, desires and likes.

Understand your partners needs on all levels is key to fulfilling those needs.

Couple's Connection