Intimacy Is A Wheel, No Beginning – No End

Ride Share… Intimacy Is A Wheel,
No Beginning – No End

Intimacy is not a “Linear Experience”. It is better if there isn’t a straight line between “Foreplay” – Mid – Post. It is like a bike wheel with a hub and spokes. We can start anywhere on the outer surface, play with the groves adjust pressure with the valve, explore the rim and kiss the road. At any moment we can delve down a spoke towards the hub and let the lubed bearings roll.

The joy is the anticipation of how the trip will grow, sharing the pleasure and teasing the destination to the edge, without a predetermined path. On road or get off, dry or very wet, smooth or rough, dirty or not… just ride.

Each spoke is a new adventure to play… feeling the force propelling us to the edge, to roll in the bigger picture. Leaving our partner to wonder when and how we will plunge back into the hub and for how long.

Remember it’s not the length of the journey or how quickly we reach the hub… it’s the joy of the ride and the momentum we share. We may reach many destinations in one ride or simply enjoy the time in the saddle.

This being a bicycle either partner can take a wheel and be in control.