Intimacy Through Sensuality

Intimacy Through Sensuality Heighten senses beyond imagination. While with your partner exploring their intimate nooks, crannies and spires, and taking an adventure around every corner. Delving into the depths that can be discovered, felt and experienced. Our senses peak while delving into intimate adventures. Our hormones are raging and we loose touch with the environment beyond that of you and your lover. You are so hot the room could be burning around you and the two of you wouldn’t be aware of it. You are their world. You notice sensations you have never been aware of before. Aromas so exciting and enticing, you will do things you have never imagined. Encountering feelings nobody would have dared mentioning. You have somebody that knows what you know and nobody else can imagine the details of what you have shared.

Improve Intimacy skills

Improve Intimacy

Improve Intimacy skills while you are not in a relationship.
Rather than fixing problems when you are coupled, work on yourself as a gift to your next partner and yourself.


Heighten Your Sensuality

– Mask Your Input
– Maximize Your Highest Moments

We are gifted with our five traditionally recognized senses of
Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell, and Touch.

By restricting one sense, the other remaining senses are heightened and intensified.

Our senses make up the pieces of our sensuality. You can’t reach the peak of an orgasm without building all of the elemental sensual pieces that grow the excitement. The aroma of a lighted candle and the flickering pattern dancing on the ceiling from the flame. The soft shallow whispers in our ear and the gentle dance of finger tips moving up to the base of the neck. These elemental impulses of excitement lead the building of the ultimate quivering – throbbing explosion that has been the drive of romance novels of all time.

Any of our senses can be selected to restrict our expected sensation, and suspense builds by restricting sensations and heightens others. The pictured sample example of slipping on a simple blindfold. Not knowing what is to come or where touch or sensations will happen build excitement and anticipation.

Intimacy Through Sensuality With
The Exploration Of Our Senses.



Hiding To Play

Limit Contact To Heighten Senses.

Making intimacy a game adds to the excitement and
variety throughout sensual encounters.

It’s very sensual when she whisperers sexy foreign words in your ear…

Whisperer sexy Foreign Words

While you are inserting Foreign Objects into her.


Ask your partner what they like to do in bed…
Then, Do It A Lot.

Ask what they like to do

Ask them what their favorite thing is from you…
Give That A Lot.


Give Her Orgasms Like A Girl.

Give Her Orgasms Like A Girl. Most women orgasm with a same-sex partner, but men are less likely to show the same level of attention to a woman’s needs. Learn what she likes the way a girl would give an orgasm… then give it the way she needs.

If you share,
she will share.


Slip & Slide!

Slip & Slide!

Slip your fingers slowly in the waistband, withdraw slowly. Repeat over & over.

Moisten your fingertips, slip & slide over the tip of the slide & glide.


 Intimate Connection

Intimate Connection

Close Experiences,
Personal Touch…

All the tender moments work to build a bond that holds you together through the tough times.


 Flirting Builds Pressure

Flirting leads to kindness moments that build sexual excitement. Subtle coy moments at unexpected times are a pleasant surprise.

Heightened moments of pressure increase the sexual tension and excitement.


Sense Love