Sensual Thoughts

Sensual thoughts come to mind, take root to blossom, grow and
bring us closer through enhanced intimacy.

Ongoing Sensual Thoughts and Messages



Self love is the most important thing. Nobody can make you happy Unless you love yourself.


Desires Within Me

Desires Within Me

Desires Within Me Explode.
When We Explore Together.
Adventures Within

Carring Carries Over

Kindness carries over on in all levels of our life. Between the Sheets and on the Streets. Love is shown with tenderness. If you learn to care about somebody who is giving , caring and loving in the light of day… they are like to be an extra giving person within your arms.

Beautiful Moments

Beautiful Moments Become photos in your mind, To be archived & retrieved, Again & again, Enjoyed in beautiful memories.

When I am feeling sad, or when I am feeling alone,
I close my eyes and Imagine and feel you, Being right here Next to me.

Don't Fear the fall

Don’t Fear The Possible Drop from the height of the top of a relationship.
Enjoy The Excitement & Joy Of The Ride In A New Relationship.

Sensual Thoughts, Sensuality Fidget Toy

The Original Fidget Toy

Sensual Thoughts Dating Code

Early Dating Phrase Code:
Nap= Sex
Cuddle= Sex
Back Rub= Sex

Sensual Thoughts Be Yourself

Be yourself,
Even if you are in the shadow,
Of somebody you think is a bright light.

Intimacy Rally

Intimacy is like a
Long Rally…

Check the
Rubber and Lubricants

tongue sensual tool

The tongue is the most underutilized sensual tool. It is a giving and receiving toy at the same time. If can titillate and lubricate at the same time. The tongue makes any part of the body a Erogenous Zone.

Solo Play

Don’t Limit Self-Play.
Know yourself to give your best.

Sensual Thoughts Wear Me

You Wear Me Well!
You Fit Like A Second Skin.

Couple Kindness

Sometimes the smallest act of tenderness can fill the biggest space in someone’s heart.

Sex involves the body.
Intimacy includes the brain.

I cuddle at night with a full length pillow,
but I’m open to a new cuddle partner.

Personal M

The druggist said it was a “Personal Massager”. I’m not sure how to use it, but it sure makes my lips tingle.