Sensual Intimacy Tips

There is a wide range of intimate desires and sexual needs. It is important to communicate with your partner and fulfill each other’s needs, while discovering new pleasures and adventures. Intimacy Tips found anywhere can be adapted to fit partner’s wants and maximize your needs and desires.

You Are A Pervert

You Are A Perv

Sex Is A Gift

Sex Is A Gift

Hard To Get

Hard To Get

Everyone Wants The Top

Take Turns

Problem Forgetting Technique

Forget Problems

Kiss The Darkness

Kiss The Darkness

No Sound Like The Moan

No Sound Like The Moan

When Times Get Tough

When Times Get Tough

It's Hard Waiting

It's Hard Waiting

Long Fingers, Big Impact

Long Fingers, Big Impact

Oral Sex
Isn’t Foreplay…
It Is Sex!

Oral Sex Is Sex

Intimacy is like a spoked wheel. Many see that “O” in the middle as the center to be the hub of attention, we want to reach it as soon as possible. There may seem to be little interest to tread around the outer rim for very long. Grease those bearings and go in full bore for the core. But work as the nave of overall pleasure.

The journey isn’t the destination… it’s the adventure.

Look at that wheel with the spokes as different options to reach the center of excitement. Each tine radiating out of the spoked wheel is something to explore as we try new sensations and share with our partner.

We begin our tour on the outer rim of soft fleshiness which is fun to explore and discover on its own. We know we don’t need to necessarily linger here because it is a place that we can return at anytime (and should often).

Each spoke spinning past us at mind blowing speed is a new adventure to try, and oral sex is one of those adventures. Like every spoke on the wheel of intimacy, we know it isn’t a requirement, simply another option.


Oral sex is best viewed as something that can be exciting and pleasurable on its own or as a tool towards ultimate intimate satisfaction. Play is best started before entering the bed and using different spokes such as touch, kissing, and communication to build towards more intense play such as oral sex. We know it isn’t called “Oral Foreplay”, which is why it’s a good indication that it is best implemented as a “play thing” that we bring in and out during out intimate sexual exchange.

Choose oral sex as one path towards shared sensual joy through tease and please. Explore and then let the force of nature spin you back out and try something new. Keep in mind that most women can’t achieve orgasm simply with penetration. The majority of women require some sort of clitoral stimulation to reach their orgasmic peak. Oral and finger play are great tools to give women the added stimulation they may need. Work together as a team, with communication for mutual pleasure…

Take it for s spin.

Sensual Play_Wheel-To-Explore

A Woman’s Best Methods To Reach An Orgasm

women reaching an orgasm

1. Orgasm at home alone through self pleasure.

2. Receiving stimulation from another woman.

3. Stimulation from a caring, giving and well informed man.

1. The most likely method of women reaching an orgasm is through self pleasure. Studies have shown that women know themselves better than anyone else and know how to give themselves orgasmic pleasure. Once a women knows what she likes, she is able to pass this information onto a caring partner who wants to please.

2. Woman by the fact of sharing the same anatomy as other ladies, are able to translate what pleases them into techniques for pleasuring another person with the same parts and paths to satisfaction. Studies have shown that women who have same-sex partners are more likely to help their mate reach an orgasm regularly.

3. For a male-female couple to have regular orgasms for the lady, respect and communication is required. The man must pay attention to verbal and non-verbal messages sent from his partner. More so, it is ideal if the man can inquire about their partner’s needs, desires and preferred techniques. Simply indicating an interest in learning about a their needs puts him way ahead in mental comfort, easing the way to the possibility of explosive orgasms.

The more we care about our partner’s wants, desires and needs, the more likely full satisfaction will be achieved by both intimate mates. If we don’t care about our bed partner we are simply performing personal sexual gratification, not sharing intimacy.

Without Caring
Satisfaction Is Unlikely!

Satisfied Partner


Make Your Own Sexy Movie Together

Make A Sexy Movie

Sensual Intimacy

Many people don’t think their partner should be visually stimulated by someone else to for use in masturbation. That is a valid concern if that is how they feel.

Being a visual individual it can be difficult to get sexually stimulated without some sort of erotic media, that is why Playboy was so popular when it came out. A great solution is if a couple can create visual materials to share with each other. This can either be an opportunity to be comfortable with your body, or could create added anxiety depending on how you deal with it. Your partner may allow you to create the images but may have no interest in seeing them.

Making our own centerfold photos or porn is so easy nowadays with all of the electronic imaging options. We can be high-tech  or simple depending on our personal preferences. The first thing to consider is personal security. It is best if partners don’t show their faces, this is in case this imagery gets out there somehow. You can keep you anonymity by only showing close up images, or you can increase the production value by using masks or costumes.

Creating the imagery should be another part of your sensual intimacy. Have fun and enjoy the erotic play and excitement of creating the images. The simplest way to produce photo images is to go old school and get a Polaroid camera.  This way it  is less likely that the files to end up in the wrong hands. They are manufacturing the film again and this can be fun and instant gratification way of creating images.

The next step up would be to simply use your mobile phone. Some cell phones are actually better than many cameras and can focus extremely closeup. You may want to buy a cheep selfie light to attach to your phone for those dark spots, and a selfie stick for those hard to reach areas.

Digital cameras are great for image quality, especially if you intend to edit the video. Digital cameras (DSLR) are larger and may be awkward to fit into tight spots. A digital movie camera is a better option and most have a view screen you can twist around to see what is recording.

Another kinky option would be to have somebody else do the recording for you. Make sure you trust them and that you have control over all of the files.

You are a star, share your stuff.

Bedtime Entertainment

We Are Sexy

We Are Sexy

We Are Sexiness, no matter our body type, build, disabilities, age,
or acceptance of one’s self.

Out sexiness shows in how we express ourselves through our sensuality. We are sexy by how we project our sensuality and beauty, through our eyes and emotionally expressive face.  Our personal beauty is contained in our heart and in those who value our individual beauty.
The mind is the control center of our sexiness. If the hottest supermodel begins to disbelieve in their own beauty, the whole facade begins to crumble. We each need to know and believe in our own true beauty. Don’t let having confidence in yourself begin start the idea that you don’t need to try. We need to put in the work to take care of all of the levels for our beauty to shine.
Giving and appreciating touch is beautiful in itself. Being aware of our senses, and how to share them and as we value heightened awareness and the power of each sense. Being touched is one of the most powerful sensations and knowing this we can share touch with those who we value and care.
The body, including the face is first thing that comes to mind when asked about beauty. Fitting into a formula for what many may think of as defining beauty is bad math. People have different opinions, needs, desires and have been on different paths in their lives. All of the different paths are like the lines on the palm of your hand. All these paths lead in different directions, but on a day-by-day basis we don’t see these paths, or the palm of our hand. These lines don’t make a difference, we don’t get palm lifts (don’t mention it to cosmetic surgeons). We are all the peak of sexiness.
Our sexiness is projected and intimacy is the projection booth to let it shine. Intimacy is the communication tool for expression of our sexuality with our partner. As we start to get to know somebody special our intimacy starts as a little ember. A casual hug can be a spark that strikes our sleeping heart to begin the glow. As that flame begins to lash back and forth as the flame is fanned by a mate, our beauty also begins to glow.
Special people see the beauty and sexiness of our flame and are happy to feed the fire and are willing to be consumed by burning desire of shared sexual intimacy and sexiness.
Couple Sexiness

I am having a good ER day…

I am having a good ER day



Being a Dick Head
can be a good thing.

Being a Dick Head
A man’s nose has about the same flexibility, softness & pliability as the head of his penis.

Know amazing sensual pleasure for clitoral stimulation. We all can imagine how handy the tongue would be to other sensitive areas, while giving the clit a Nose-Job.


Love Is A Basic Need…

Love Is A Basic Need

for the mental processes of perception, humanity, judgment, & reasoning, & key for emotional balance, stability & joy.


Way better than edible panties.

better than edible panties

The edible inside panties.


Pocket Pool

Pocket Pool, Slip your hands in

Come from behind,
Slip your hands into the side pockets.

Play with His Cue
and Check out some Ball Action.

Bonus: Hole In Pocket


Electrifying End… Orgasm

Electrifying End... Orgasm

The Powerful Pleasure Of Orgasms


Don’t Have Sex!

Don't Have Sex! Share Intimacy

Share Intimacy.

Explore the full range of sensual pleasures.


Not Everyone Sees The Appeal
Of Oral Sex.

Oral Sex Appeal

If your partner wants oral sex and you are not really into going down. Experiment with ways of warming up to the idea. Try thinking of oral sex like playing with food. It is just play, don’t make a big deal of it, take things slow and playful. No food fights in bed.


Body language says…
Tilting the head during conversation means they’re interested.

Booty Body Language

Raising your butt in bed shows
your interest.

Express your desire to please.


My Brain Goes Offline When We Touch

You Touch


Don’t measure your success based on somebody’s ruler.

measure your success

Use your perspective, looking at where you have been, and progress towards your destination.


Don't Clam up

Whether you are on the giving or the receiving end… Don’t clam up, Share how much you enjoy the pleasure of Oral  Stimulation.

Explore if your partner is into it.


The Zipper…
The doorway to intimacy.

Pull ~ Insert.

Pull Insert


Coming Soon.

Make Intimacy Playful & Fun

Make Intimacy Playful & Fun.


I’m not looking for more life lessons.

Life Lessons

One more chance at Sharing Love.


Sense Love