New Relationship = Fresh Start

Fresh Start

Starting over in a new relationship is a fresh start.
Everything is a new adventure and a unexplored journey of discovery.


A Fresh Start, with a Clean Slate

VirginUs Clean-Slate

You have moved away from the past, deciding let go and look towards to the future. You are ready to explore new possibilities of relationships and not base them on what we have been through, or of difficulties you may have had.

Being ready for a fresh start, looking at everything through the innocent eyes of a virgin again. By taking a perspective of VirginUs. We are making new discoveries and starting new adventures. The two of us deciding together our first kiss together is my first kiss ever and also your first kiss, VirginUs. We can try each new things with a fresh start perspective, exploring different techniques, feelings and sensual touch.

By taking this approach we are keeping an open mind to try new things because everything is brand new. We are open and sharing with our partner. Expressing what we like and offering options of how techniques and approaches can be different. VirginUs are not basing these preferences on past experiences, we are learning anew, together in this adventure that we are sharing as a fresh start.

As VirginUs we are not in a race to get to a destination or a finishing point. We can agree to savoir each new experience, taking our time to enjoy the details. Trying new approaches and enjoying the nuance we may have never considered. VirginUs, open to explore and learn what we have to offer each other.

Couple Car Romance

A Relationship, Is A Ship

A Relationship,
Is A Ship…
Sailing In Sync
With the ebb and flow in the winds.


Rest Of Your Life

For Rest Of Your Life…
Fall Asleep
in your
Lover’s Embrace


 Let's Discover New Things

Let’s Discover
Things we never knew
we liked.

Express desires, share needs and limits.

Communicate pleasure a keep informed while exploring.