Bottom Play

Rear Entry

All types of rear entry and play is increasing in popularity, including giving and receiving for all sex partners. This page focuses as an introduction, intimate butt play ideas, end tips and more for pleasure.

Clues Of Intimate Interest Intimate Interests

Depending on how open your conversations are with your partner, it may be awkward for them to bring up their interest in assplay. Watch for subtle clues (or not so subtle) such as rubbing the butt while clothed, or moving closer to the anus while caressing/ kissing/ nibbling, or licking.


Your Partner Expressed Interest In Rear Entry
Now What?

Partner Asked To Try

It almost seems bound to happen with the increased interest in anal sex and all of the exposure on internet porn. Your partner gets up the nerve to say “I want to try anal penetration“. If this rear entry inquiry is a surprise and you aren’t ready, you just say you want time to think about it.

You know the topic of butt play will come up, don’t make a big deal about it coming up. If somebody tried using the rear entry before on you and you didn’t like it, don’t let it taint the experience for your current partner. It is likely your previous partner didn’t do the proper preparation and wasn’t gentle and considerate.

A better choice for everyone for new experiences and new opportunities with your partner, is to be open to trying new things. Do everything the right way, with kindness, consideration for your mate and open conversation.

An approach you likely haven’t considered for the
question of anal:

Your partner says they want to try anal penetration, and you say –
But, Lets Go Slow…
And let’s try putting it in you first.

This surprising turn may put the brakes on the whole rear entry idea quickly. They may not be interested in being the receiver. It is easy to reply that if that if they don’t want to “take one up the rear for the team“, why should you? The other surprising scenario would be, their enthusiastic eagerness to comply with the rear entry experiment. You must be prepared to follow through if this turn comes into play, once you have offered it up.

Now in hindsight you are ready to move forward with ass-play, take it slow. It is best to have planed ahead so that both partners have had a chance to go #2, so that it isn’t part of the experience and nobody is surprised. It is best to start in the shower with a mild hypo-allergenic soap such as Dove – Sensitive Skin. Scented or harsh soaps can cause irritation to sensitive areas.  Like any foreplay, don’t race to the finish line.

Spend lots of time sudsing up the back and buns, giving a lot of sensual massaging. For this first venture into rear entry only a finger should be used for penetration. Trim long or rough finger nails. No hurry for penetration either. Tickle, tease and massage the anus, playing with just the opening for a long time, paying attention to your partners reaction and level of enjoyment.

Water isn’t enough lube for the anus, you may want to have lube available in the shower. Keep the floor from being to slippery with a bath mat. Move forward slowly inserting one finger a little bit, pulling it out and repeating. Be prepared to move back a step or stop if your partner asks you not to move forward at this point.

You may personally wish to move forward and receive play at the level your partners does, but that is up to you.

Be sure to follow up on your commitment if your partner fulfills their end.

Finger Play


The Best Sensual Showers
Only End,
When The Hot Water Runs Out…

Then it moves to the bed.

Best Sensual Showers

The shower is the is the ideal place to experiment into the entry of anal play. There are no worries about cleanliness because there is plenty of water and soap. Old fashioned soap or scented gels and other bath products shouldn’t be used for butt play because of sensitivities, allergies and pH levels. Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash, bar or liquid, is good to use because it is unscented and has a more neutral pH level than most soaps. Because it is unscented it is less likely to irritate sensitive areas, and this is why we are playing here… because it is sensitive.

Feel the love sliding in-and-out from the inside!

Inside Out Anal Feel

Feeling Loved From The Inside Out.

Usually the man gets to feel the amazing sensation of his engorged penis sliding in-and-out of his partner, while she is able to feel the fullness of the pleasure engulfing her and the withdrawal to the brink, only to return with heightened pleasure and thrust.


This play is a expanded and highlighted experience, literally touching the inside of pleasure.

The opening of the vagina and rectum are only about one inch apart, but they are even closer inside. The interior of the two love canals are separated by barely more than the thickness of two condoms.

Experience the exciting sensation of the penis moving in-and-out from the inside for dual enhanced arousal. Either partner can partake in the pleasure of this sensual adventure.

Be sure to discuss and explain this process prior to starting, to be certain that everyone is onboard.

To Start:
One partner (man or woman) inserts a lubed finger into either hole (vagina or anus). Next, the lubed penis is gently inserted into the other hole. Feel the touching sensation of the penis moving in & out from the inside. Inside the two holes are only separated by two thin membranes, which feels like almost nothing (much like a condom) as the penis glides past. If the woman’s finger is inserted, the man can feel her finger caressing his penis from the inside (a one -of–a-kind sensation), while the woman also experiences the fullness of double penetration and controlled stimulation, and can fondle his penis with her finger from inside of herself.

This can be an added level of excitement for the man knowing that her finger is inside herself for self and joint stimulation. If the man is in both holes, the woman can enjoy the manipulation uninterrupted.


 Slip-n-SlideWet Butt Play

Wet Butt Play
Makes Bathroom Time

Like A Visit To A
Water Park…

Alone, or with your playmate.




Sensual Pleasure



Rear Play

Rear play can involve a lot more than rear entry. Butt play can be a foreplay to anal sex, or it can be a stepping stone to being comfortable with penetration.  Butt play can also just be intimate play on its own.

Women may not like wearing a thong and on a daily basis, she wears “granny panties”.  But when it comes time to build intimate excitement sexy lingerie is a great visual excitement. For visual excitement thongs are right up there. Caressing her buns while playing with her thong is super enticing.

Ground rules are very important, so if it is understood and agreed that if your partner isn’t ready for anal penetration but has approved a level play that is okay, then explore.


He loves my cheeky dance moves.

He loves my cheeky dance moves.

I love making him happy.


He Should Be Open

Try It On Him


If he wants to try something new, he should be open to trying it on himself first. This can assure his appreciation of tenderness and gental play in highly sensitive areas.

Starting slow and gradually building pleasure while jointly discovering new playgrounds.



Massage can be a
simply a wonderful
intimate exchange of relaxation,
or it can be the gateway to
other well lubed play.

Massages are wonderful, relaxing and stimulating for both parties. It is important that both partners understand the purpose of the pleasure given. Is this simply for muscle relaxation, sensual stimulation, or both?

Be sure to give enough therapeutic massage time to satisfy the giver and the recipient prior to slowly moving on to sex activities. The giver needs to monitor reactions to make certain the intended pleasure is being received at all times.

Receiving a massage can also be a giving activity if the partner isn’t “in the mood” for sexual activity but wants their partner to enjoy satisfaction. By participating as the understood recipient of a sensual massage they have no obligation to give anything in return. It is also understood the limits for the massage giver. For example; if there is to be no penetration, the giver must respect that. If the receiver grants the giver the permission to self pleasure themselves during the massage both parties are fulfilled with satisfaction and closeness in the exchange.


When You Enter Him

When you enter me…
I can

My demeanor

The memory of my surrender lingers.



Analogy is a comparison between two things for clarification. In assplay and ANALogy is drawing comparisons between but play and the “usual” penetration or stimulation. Such as: “When you penetrate my ass it is fuller and more forbidden than ‘pussy sex’.”


 Loosen Up, Butt Enjoy

Loosen Up


Prostate massages enhance male health and pleasure.

Prostates are our friends

Prostates are our friends.
Shower your partner with soapy massages.

Prostate massage is the massage or stimulation of the male prostate gland for medical purposes or sexual stimulation.

The prostate produces part of the male sexual response cycle, and is essential for the production of semen. Due to its proximity to the anterior rectal wall, it can be stimulated from the anterior wall of the rectum or externally via the perineum.


Your butt lights up my face.

Your butt lights up my face.

You can’t see my smile but your heart knows.


Penetrated Is Not Dominated

Penetrated Not Dominated

Penetration Isn’t About Dominance.

Receiving Isn’t About Submission.

For A Man, Or A Woman.

Giving and receiving is about sharing and giving.