Intimate Play

Intimacy Is Given

Intimacy Isn’t Something You Take…
It Is Given.

Sex is something you have…
Intimacy Is Shared!

You Are My Hero

You Are My Drug

Tell Me Touch Affirmations

Tell Me Affirmations

Bed.. A Place To Act Like Animals

Zoo Bed

Tell Me I'm A Good Kisser

Tell Me I'm A Good Kisser

Penetrating Stare

Penetrating Stare

Exotic Erotic Sex

Exotic Sex

I'll Fill You Up

I'll Fill You Up

I look my best, going down

I look my best, going down

Not Better Than Sex

Not Better Than Sex

AM Lingering

AM Lingering In Bed

Get Control Of Your Body.

Get control

Get Control Of Your Body, by CONTROLLING YOUR BRAIN! Love the place you are in, and your skin. By accepting what has brought here, and what has brought you to this place, including what you carry within and with-out.

Work on plans to make changes you want in life and to yourself. Work on making the changes you would like to make…
For You.

Approve YourselfApprove Yourself…
Don’t Prove Yourself
to others.

Plus Size Intimate  Apparel

Fun Intimate Apparel

Fun Intimate Apparel without size and fitting concerns.


Plus size women like feeling sexy they but they may feel uncomfortable in ill-fitting lingerie.


Being sexy doesn’t require the purchase of an item out of a fashion magazine designed to look hot on petite super models. Acting sexy and being alluring to your partner is the key to enhanced intimacy.


Men and women love the sensual feeling of a silky smooth smooth and delicate fabric sliding over their erogenous zones. Light and delicate touch or the alluring cover-up of a delicate shear fabric that provides a feeling beyond belief. Never knowing when it will become a blindfold or a playful wrap around your wrists. 

Power Of Touch




Plus Size woman


Don’t judge yourself.

Don't judge yourself

Don’t judge yourself, assess situations. Create new learning opportunities
moving forward.


More Than Enough

More Than Enough!
and wonderful.


So Sensitive

Some say I’m too sensitive.
I feel what everyone should absorb…
and give all I can.


Finally The Person

I’m finally the person
I should have been…

By accepting who I am.


Plus Size Woman Checks