WordPlay is a Intimate Play-With-Words

Intimate WordPlay

WordPlay (or word play) in intimacy is play-with-words in a technique to form sensual eroticism in which words and their delivery becomes the subject of oral arousal, primarily for the purpose of erotic stimulation, possible sexual tension in a couple’s tactile play.

Examples of sensual wordplay include erotic puns, phonetic mix-ups such as spoonerisms (who doesn’t love intimate spoonerisms with a lubed lubber), obscure sexual words and meanings, clever rhetorical excursions or extrusions, oddly formed sentences, double entendres (or double extenders).  Pet names or, euphemisms and can be sensually expressed for intimate activities, special body parts and enticing shared intimate actions.

WordPlay Tongue-Tied Whispers

Wordplay tongue-tied

The foreplay that gives you tongue-tied whispers,
gives your partner tantalizing tingles…

Intimate WordPlay:


Erotic Puns

Tawdry Talk

Oral Arousal

The Hottest Words,
Are Whispered.
From A Pounding Heart
With A Shortened Breath.

Hotest Words


L = Living
O = Our
V = Virtues
E = Everyday

Love  Everyday

Sharing Honestly of Ourselves Today. Our Best Shot!


Wordplay ear kissed

Wordplay sweet gentle ear kisses and nibbles.