Anticipation Can Be Some Of The Most
Exciting Foreplay

“Start The Foreplay Without Me.

I will Be Pulling Into The Garage In 10 Minutes…


Start The Foreplay Without Me. I will Be Pull In The Garage In10 Minutes... Naked!

Foreplay isn’t something you do to open the door to the climax of intimacy. Foreplay is done with each tender touch and look all day long. Foreplay is warmth shared with the squeeze of the hand, tender hug, or flirting text sent during the day.

Anticipation can be one of the most exciting forms of foreplay. Building exciting thoughts of what is to come with your playmate. Developing deep feelings, teasing brush of finger tips, and sensual whispers, looking forward to what is to come, this can build heat long before the first touch.

Start your foreplay as you get out of bed in the morning with one final hug, a kiss and that look – saying how much you value what you have shared, and how you long for it all to start again.