– Let’s Canoodle –
Double Dipping IS Allowed

ca·noo·dle   kəˈno͞odl
Kiss and cuddle amorously.

Kissing and cuddling but, if we have cuddly holes and a firm noodle, let’s play into heavy amorous.

adjective: amorous
am·o·rous  ˈam(ə)rəs

Showing strong feelings of sexual attraction or love, or relating to sexual desire.

synonyms: romantic, lustful, sexual, erotic, amatory, ardent, passionate, impassioned, in love, enamored, lovesick.

informal: lovey-dovey, kissy, smoochy, hot.

Canoodle - Double Dipping

Canoodling is such a cute old fashioned word. You can just picture a couple of 1950’s teens in plaid and a poodle shirt making out on the couch… of course, not going past 1st base. Canoodle is so fresh and the innocence of yesteryear.

Jump forward to the 21st century and the noodles are all hot, wet and dripping with that special sauce.

We were always taught that when you go to a party double dipping was impolite. Today we know better. When we are at an intimate party for two, all the old fashioned rules are tossed out with the dirty bath water before we play. Keep in mind that there is one double dipping rule you should still follow: 
1. Once you go into the back door never go back to the front. Any object that is inserted into the anus should never go into a vagina or another anus without being thoroughly washed first… then dip away (or remove the condom covering which was inserted).

There are many options for fun, pleasurable and sensuous double dipping while you canoodle:

When we talking double dipping, one partner may have two holes and the other partner may have three holes. The holes for canoodling are the mouth for oral play, The vagina play area, which would be considered the traditional sexual play area on/in women. The third insertion point is increasing in popularity, it is the anus.

Double Dipping Play Ideas:

  • True double dipping is going back and forth and licking off the special sauce. Many guys find it quite exciting receive oral play after dipping into the ladies’ Bits. Men enjoy sharing the dipping sauce with their partner and many women have felt they shouldn’t be tasting their nectar on their own (which isn’t true). Going back and forth having their shaft licked clean, is very exciting and playful. Dip, swirl – lick and suck clean – repeat.
  • Ladies’ Bits were strategically placed so close together, it is like double dipping was planned right from the beginning. Each hole can be manipulated with your fingers, first individually, then together (remember rule 1. above [there is only one rule.]) if your partner enjoys the stroking. Being that both holes are next to each other they share adjoining walls internally. It is an amazing sensation to have a finger inserted into the anus while stroking the vagina. The finger can feel the movement back and forth inside the vagina, or visa-versa.
  • Double dipping on both partners at once can be an added pleasurable technique. A double ended dildo makes an excellent toy for this practice. Be sure to use generous lube when playing with the anus and always start small, slowly and gently monitoring your partners reaction. A hole can be used with either partner with the toy and working fingers (see rule 1.) into to mix.


Now you see that during your serious canoodling double dipping can be a welcome play and very polite in an intimate play party for two (or more if you so desire).

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