There Is only One First Time.

One First Time

In a new relationship everything is brand new and exciting. From the first time your eyes meet through making a commitment to each other. Take it slow and enjoy each new moment. We hear a lot about quick hookups but that isn’t done with a future in mind. Waiting doesn’t mean you can’t have intimate play. Begin with little steps and build excitement with each new experience.

Look at a new relationship as being uncharted territory, a fresh start and a virgin again… VIRGINus. Just think that if you didn’t like how somebody held your hand, so your said, “I’m not doing that again”. How would your new potential partner feel if you told them that you didn’t like holding hands? By being open to new beginnings you don’t have a prejudgement. Try every opportunity with new eyes… they may be an amazing hand holder and it could be your new favorite thing, especially with a special new person.

New beginnings is like being a teenager again, without having to make all those mistakes again. Baby steps; hold hands, caress hands, brush your hand across their back, then to rub their shoulder. The excitement grows with the anticipation of the next step up. If you stumble, don’t panic, communicate, regroup and try again.

Communication like throughout a relationship is key here. There is no such thing as “teasing” when you are playing and sharing together. Each person needs to accept limits for where you are at this time in your relationship. “Blue Balls” is fine and exciting knowing that they will be exploding soon and can release anytime at home, as it has been happening lately.

Once you reach what you thought was going to be the pinnacle of exploration you will discover new things to try and treasure the pleasures of the past. Each path of discovery can be re-explored in a different way, or toy, or outfit. Each day is new.

First TIme