Touch… Means The Most When Given.

It Is Cherished When The Gift Is Received


Touch... Means The Most When Given. Most Valued When Received

The tender gift of touch is more valuable than gold. Human beings need touch to grow and develop. Infants deprived of touch can’t properly grow and flourish.

Intimate touch is a powerful force with a focus on tenderness. As adult we crave touch and relationships can’t emotionally prosper without it. When eyes connect and smiles are shared the linking warms and grows, even prior to the first touch.

Touch has many levels in social and couple relationships. The initial incidental brush of the hand or even the bump of shoulders can send shivers through someone with developing feelings. Early relationship’s minor encounters such a hug or hand holding can have imminence impact on the recipients psyche.

Intimacy is like mountain climbing. A new relationship is a new adventure. There is only one first expedition at each level in a relationship. As attraction builds we gear up with excitement to begin the climb to the peak, but slower we go, the more excitement builds as we get repaired to summit.

When in a long-term partnership we don’t think that much about holding hands. In a new relationship that first time you casually touch their hand has a feeling beyond compare.

Each emotional hill we step up to with someone new shouldn’t be take lightly. Think about it and treasure the moment and reflect back at the beautiful moment when you are looking back from the next level.