Great Mornings

Waking in your lover’s arms is a great way to start a day,
and end the morning intimacy,
with a “Good Morning” whispered in the ear.

Good Morning Memories


Waking to the morning sun streaming in and literally cuddling at the the “Crack Of Dawn”. What a beautiful feeling. The first kisses on the neck, tender caresses and feeling the rise.

This is the way every morning should start. The touch, the warmth and the glow of tenderness. We share each other for the second time of the night and then the third time after tender fondling and a bathroom break overly delayed .

After breathing wains to normal, we return to bask in the glow of cuddles. Snuggle in closer with a whisper in the ear…
“from now on when I text you ‘GOOD MORNING’ this is what I will be recalling in my captured beautiful image in my mind.”

GOOD MORNING is entirely different from the
“good-mornings” you get in the hallway at work.


Yes, it was a

Yes It Was A Good Morning