Everybody Wants A Happy Butt

Happy Butt

There has been a “rash” of talk about “Ass Play” and it is important to keep in mind that everyone should be comfortable with what partners do in their sensual exchanges.

The butt can be one of the happiest places in the landscape of intimate exploration… but do it wrong and it can turn on you.

Most men are obsessed with what they think are great looking buns… it can be a quest. For inexplicable reasons most woman are hot for a great pair of cheeks. This may explain why most people buy into the most basic part of Ass Play, that being grabbing ass and squeezing some bun during sex. How can you go wrong with that?

Guys see butts and their external working part in many sexual positions. Viewing the buns twerking while he’s working his stuff. This viewing pleasure naturally leads to desires to move play to another level of excitement.

Play nice and keep all body parts happy of all involved with the Sensuality Exchange.

Ass Play