If Your Date Eats A Banana Sideways…

They may not be into giving oral.
Or simply not ready.

Intimate Desires May Be Expressed

When having a flirtatious conversation with somebody new signals are exchanged in many ways. Subtle messages are sent back and forth, be it a wink or a casual brush of the hand. Specific communication can be delicate with a new acquaintance who you hope will develop into something special to share intimate desires.

It’s not always comfortable to bring up intimate conversations prior to being in intimate situations. You look across the table and see seductive lip biting, sucking or holding a finger on the lip, you suppose there is interest in kissing. You begin to plan a strategy and figure how to move forward as the moment is right.

Some signs you figure are obvious, say they order an ice cream cone and seductively lick the cream, darting the tongue for those delicate drips. Other signs could be perceived as an obvious negative sign for you. They may be eating a banana, not many things could be more suggestive than that, but what if it isn’t done the normal way. If they are eating it sideways, that is definitely not natural and is unlikely be be done by accident. View the entire message delivery verbal, visual and attitude (playful/serious).

If you are sent positive visual cues it is fairly safe to act on them, unless they are just being a tease or flirting with you. Obvious non-inviting visual messages should be taken seriously and processed with other verbal and non-verbal communication.

The conversation between two individuals is important in sharing intimate desires. While learning communication styles of new people in your life it is important to pay attention to small details. It is also critical early on that you establish direct and honest open communication with a potential intimate partner. Play with sensual sparing of gentle jabs to the funny bone.

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