Sensual Kissing Guide

Circle Very Slowly

Start ultra lightly, barely touching, sliding our lips together with an ultra feather light touch, left and right…
Circle around my lips very slowly. Nibble my upper lip between your teeth and your upper lip.

Gently move to my ear… Exhale lightly. Hold still for a moment teasing with your breath. Nibble my ear between your teeth and your upper lip. Suck soft, slowly and silently.

Slowly move to my neck. Exhale lightly. Lightly drag your lower lip from the base of my neck upward.

Touch your nose to my nose.
Make Eye Contact. Pause… Smile.

Bring your hand to cradle my head.

REPEAT… Slightly increasing pressure…

Move your hand to my chin. Caress my hand with your other hand.

Return to my lips and linger, increasing your passion. 

Give Me A Kissing Lesson…

Surprise Me!  You will know what I like.

Kissing Guide