Pursue Your Lust For Love

Lust For Love

We crave love and companionship, that lust for love drives us to find the perfect match, or sit back and lament over our loneliness. Some get lucky by chance but it seems to a lot of work to find the love of your life. When you think you have found the match of your life you are never really sure.

We may have history to look back on, where we were with that ideal somebody, only for it to end later with heartache.  It is easy to slip into remorse and accept loneliness over risking fresh injury to our deep soul. Lust for lover requires risk. There is no reward without taking a chance and there is no sure things in life, especially love.

You need to buy a ticket to win big. You need to put yourself out there to score the big prize of love. Put your money where your mouth is, and put your heart on the line. The lust for love worth the risk of the journey.