Be An Old-Fashion Princess,
But Share Your Mind
Be An Old-Fashion Princess

If you want to be with somebody… call them.

If you miss somebody… call them.

Love somebody… Tell Them!

Life is too short to play games. Don’t wait for somebody to make the move you want to take place in your world. Share your intention and desires. Waiting for someone to call you is likely to lead to missed opportunities.

Don’t Be Old-Fashion, Move Towards With What You Want.

Life isn’t full of good intentions. Unfulfilled intentions slip away, to be lost forever. People don’t like old rolls. Rise to the occasion, if an old-fashion traditional rolls plays the submissive position, ignore it and put yourself out there. Make the move, expose your vulnerability to become a strength and get the happiness you deserve.

Waiting at home for a text, or a reply to your profile isn’t going to help you move forward. Get the wheels rolling by taking action. Communicate for your interest to be known. Sharing your desires and interest will demonstrate you are a strong person and you want to include others.