Whisper In Her Ear

Teasing and Flirting is Great Foreplay

Whisper Lip Sucking Fantacy

Whisper Soft And Low, With A Slow Hot Exhale,

Tell Her While Sucking on her Earlobe…

You are pretending it’s her labia.

She will be dripping before you ever go down there.


After whispers of sweet fantasies in her ear, while your thighs are wrapped around leg, begin the play.

Slow hot exhales gently into her ear. Gently licking her ear lobe and flicking it back and forth with your tongue.

Begin… Softly sucking back and forth on her ear, being as gentle as you will when you start on her clit when the time comes. Match the back and forth motion of your sucking with the firm motion between your thighs against hers. Move your tongue slowly yet firmly up and down the length of her ear. Switch back and forth between tongue flicks and rhythmic sucking of her lobe (fantasy clit).

A Whisper Can Have The Impact Of A Shout

Shift suddenly and unexpectedly away from her ear shooting down her throat for gentle kisses, nibble lips and quick kisses. As she squirms move back to her ear and move back and forth without warning.

As she responds to the rhythmic motion of your groin against her thigh, shift your position so your knee comes in contact with her love mound. Wait for her reaction then begin caressing her clit with your knee, while still allowing the contact of your firmness pressed against her. Continue matching the motions on her ear with the action of your gentle knee pressure.

Hopefully this tease fest is taking place while the two of you are still wearing some clothing.

As the excitement builds, slowly start sliding a hand down towards her lady bits which should be very wet at this point. Make the journey down towards her love canal, extremely slow, moving away as you get close and then return randomly. She will anticipate you reaching the destination, but build excitement for your arrival. Circle around her inner thighs and press her mound without touching to target for as long as both of you can bare.

Without even touching her clit, slowly work your lips away from her ear and move ever so slowly down to her moistness. First on top of her clothing, then slowly work to expose her womanhood to your searching tongue and lips to mimic the actions you have been performing on her ear.

Your nose has many of same characteristics of your manhood used to add to her excitement and fantasy. As you rub the tip of you nose over her wetness, move back-and-forth over her vulva and slide down to the firm bridge of your nose. This action will give her the amazing feeling of your penis caressing her now dripping love zone and it will give you the precious aroma of her love juices.

The long waited arrival to her love mound will be well appreciated by both of you and the crescendo and wait of the journey will be well worth the Trip of the Tease Train.

Whisper Fantasy

Whisper Fantasy Fulfilled!